34.Mike Gerber
Nice work
33.Dana Emmette(non-registered)
From the first photo I saw of yours
Each one has continued to amaze me with such realistic images as if I could speak to each one, and they could respond. A true blessing ! Thank you.
32.Ellen Ramsey(non-registered)
I finally made it to your wed site and it is awesome. Great pictures!
13.Sheery Brennan(non-registered)
Wow! You have an awesome talent. You capture so much in a single photo. keep up the excellent work and when I get ready for some serious photo shots, I'll be coming to you!
Such lovely pictures! and so much fun to meet you and spend time watching you work! thank you for everything. :-)
11.Ron McPherson

You never sease to amaze me, love the slide show, make more. Love ya, Ron
10.Robert McPherson(non-registered)
I love it!
Do you still have your old camera for sale?
9.Jamie Grosser(non-registered)
This is beautiful Anita. I will keep watching
8.Deanna McCall(non-registered)
It was a pleasure to meet you at the AWA Awards show. I love the photos you took, made me feel alot better about myself. I look forward to seeing more. Thank you!
Congratulations on the new business, and website. Neets, you have taken our pictures at events over the years, and as always you have such an eye for great settings, compositions and capturing the heart... and the result is always... great photos! We really want to include you for our next album and promo pics! In the meantime, we're linking your new website to ours so that people can get to you, through us!
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