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Romance of The West - beautiful fine art photographs by Anita Louise, Photography by Neets 

Photograph of Anita, by Dana Klein


My goal is to create images that make people feel good about themselves. Romantic works of art. Romance of The West!  I am a portrait photographer, I love to empower women and men with images of themselves that tell a story and make them feel good about themselves. I also love to photography children, animals and families.  Generational photographs are my love.  I occasionally photograph weddings and see myself doing more in the coming months.

Anita "Neets", has been taking romantic pictures for 40 plus years. Her work can be seen in over a dozen published, designer books, where Anita is the author/photographer/designer/writer, including Teddy Bear Magic, Victorian Chic and Decorating with Seashells. Her photographs have been published in varied national magazines and publications, having 5 covers. She has recently been featured as a contributor to Salt Lake City magazine. Her photos and the teddy bears and antique lace gowns, she designs have appeared on Hallmark greeting cards. She is the mother of 4, 23 grandchildren (10 are great grandchildren). 

"I love photography, seeing through the lens is my world. I love the satisfying "click", there it is, a minute second in time that becomes a lasting memory, one to cherish, and one to last for generations to come." All photographs are edited for a fine artful finish.


I love my subjects, they are my friends, my extended family, their world is a canvas for my creativity, an extension of my dreams, an extension of myself. I want all my subjects to feel beautiful, and have an image that is a treasure for many years to come.