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It's Friday

November 30, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Here we are a new year, the first year after the loss of my dear twin brother Jim.  I will always feel alone without him. It is such an odd feeling to not have him somewhere in my life. And, then there are new people that have come to us....Jim's great grandson Noah, looks just like Great Grandpa when he was a baby and my darling Jennifer has had a baby this year, Zacharia. He looks like Jimmy too. such gifts from our Heavenly Father. Our darling Rachael had to have her thyroid removed to prevent a cancer developing and we a grateful for her good doctor and her recovery. she has written 3 novels, of a story called the Lionhart Trilogy. We are so proud of her.  Rachel and Jen both got married this summer and such joy was felt at their weddings.  My half-sister Marie, lost her husband and my heart goes out to her. All my children are going through life situations and I pray for them every day.  Bob to get a wife, Ron to heal and find a partner, Don to share his family with us, Ellen to be safe and taken care of. I send love and peace to all my grandchildren who mean so much to me. Holly dear one, Ethan and Dakota, Sid, Gabrielle, Josh, CJ, Zacharia, Robert, and little Robert, and Landon, Tyson and Kyle, Rachel and Jennifer, Donny, Brant, Mike, Karen, Diane, Debra, Ron's wife Kelly, I've never met, Don's wife i've never met. Zach and my darling Bruce who take such good care of me, I know that is a hard job, His Mum Emily, son, Jeremy, Leslie and Sydney and Marley girl, and Ellen's sons, Christopher and Jason, and dear Judy, Jim's life love, so many souls how can I remember them all - I love you all and am so proud of you. Love Grams  

Have a wonderful day full of God's grace and love.